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The Widest Selection of LIVE Herbs, Microgreens, and Pet Greens in Atlanta

One of the best ways to stay healthy, have a ton of energy, and manage your weight is by eating a variety of fresh leafy plants.

And if you or someone you love does get sick or hurt, medicinal herbs can help heal you, are relatively free of side effects, and cost a lot less than pharmaceutical drugs.

The tastiest and most nutritious way to get life-affirming plants is to get them while they are still alive and growing!

But what if you’re too busy or don’t have enough room to garden?

Or what if you simply don’t have a green thumb, but you love the idea of being able to walk out of your back door or to your kitchen counter to select and cut the nutritious vegetable or herb of your choice?

That’s where Cedar Seeder comes in.

We do the gardening work for you. Our greatest joy is to provide you (and your pets) with the freshest herbs, microgreens, and vegetables by giving them to you while they’re still ALIVE. We use organic seeds, organic dirt and fertilizer, filtered water, organic pesticides, and a whole lot of love to grow our plants.

We're committed to growing a wide array of plants and offering them to you at various stages of growth. We believe that by offering you diversity, you’ll be able to experiment and have fun with your diet. And you’ll have more options for helping your body heal when you’re sick or injured.

You can use Cedar Seeder live produce for:

  • Green smoothies
  • Fresh juices
  • Salads (microgreens make a salad look and taste like a gourmet dish!) and sandwiches
  • Teas and adding them to other drinks
  • Dressing up dull meals
  • Medicinal purposes
  • Augmenting your pet’s processed food

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