Patio Gardens To Go

HANDMADE using untreated, decay-resistant Western Red Cedar

With our help, gardening has never been so EASY! Your own home garden, customized with the fresh herbs and vegetable of your choice*, can be ready for you in about a week!

Here's How It Works:

  1. Choose the size of the 2-in-1 planter you want, keeping in mind that large planters hold 11 plants and small planters hold 6 plants.
  2. Select the herbs and/or vegetables you want based on the planter size you chose.
  3. Send your order along with your contact information to or, better yet, call us at (770) 982-1297 to place your order.
  4. We’ll confirm the order and price with you and let you know when your customized garden to go will be ready for pickup or delivery.
  5. You’ll receive your garden with established plants. Plant size and stage will vary depending on each plant’s availability at the time of your order.

* We use only organic seeds, organic dirt, and organic fertilizers for all of our plants.