Micro Gardens To Go

HANDMADE using untreated, decay-resistant Western Red Cedar

These decorative pots are for storing our live microgreens and/or pet greens in your kitchen. This way you can always have these tasty, appealing, nutrient-dense live foods right at your fingertips (plus the little cedar pots will look great on your counter). Just cut the plant(s) when you’re ready to eat or cook with them for some of the freshest, most nutritious food you (and your pet) can get.

We grow each microgreen in a peat pot that fits into the cedar pot. When you’ve eaten all of the plant, just toss the peat pot and refill the cedar pot with more fresh microgreens.

We love experimenting with the taste and look (they make a wonderful garnish) of these wonderful mini greens. Now, with these small planters, it will be easy for you to experiment too!

Our Micro Gardens are available in spring, summer, fall and winter. Tell us your needs and we’ll make it happen!

Check out our microgreen inventory and select the ones you want. Then, send an email to info@cedarseederplants.com or call us at (770) 982-1297 to let us know which plants you want for your Micro Garden.

Have questions about which plants to get? We’re here to help!