2-in-1 Cedar Planters

HANDMADE using untreated, decay-resistant Western Red Cedar

A Cedar Seeder Planter is an easy, compact, and versatile solution to gardening. Use it to grow plants and culinary delights on your deck, patio or in your yard. A large planter is approximately 16 in. X 16 in. and holds up to 11 plants. A small planter is about 14 in. X 11 in. and holds up to 6 plants.

The planters are built to last with decay-resistant wood and dovetailed joints. What makes our planter unique is that it can be used as either a planter or a raised bed!

Cedar Planter Instructions

To convert the planter to a raised bed, simply remove the stainless steel screws from the planter’s sides to detach the cedar bottom. This will expose landscape fabric that covers the bottom of the bed. Then, place the bed directly on the ground so the plant’s roots can grow into the ground.